Mercedes Benz Oldtimer Munich virtual Tour

Mercedes Benz Classicś virtual tour at Google Street View

Mercedes Benz Oldtimer Munich virtual Tour

Virtual tour of the Mercedes Benz Classics garage in Gauting near Munich. This is where the old- and youngtimers from Mercedes Benz are repaired and restored. Get an insight into the classic car garage of Mercedes Benz Classics near Munich.


Experience classic cars and youngtimers in a virtual tour.

A workshop for real enthusiasts. Some of the vehicles are more familiar from old Al Capone movies. Here in the Classics workshop of Mercedes Benz in the Munich suburb of Gauting, true treasures are maintained and repaired. We are very pleased to present this unique car workshop in a virtual tour. The mixture of zeitgeist and tradition pays off.

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Accessible at 86 panoramic points

The car workshop is now accessible at 86 panoramic points (360 degree photos). At some points you even get the perspective of the mechanic working there. Under the car or the direct view to the engine. With VR-glasses you even get the feeling of being there. Our unique technology ensures a realistic experience.


DETAILED preparation of the 3D tour

With an eye for detail, Mercedes Benz Classics provides the perfect virtual experience in a 3D Virtual tour.
Empty car bodies, disassembled engines, the view of a mechanic under the car, and much more.

Mercedes Benz Classics Garage Munich Gauting

#3 Mercedes Benz Classicś virtual tour at Google Street View

As a Google Street View Trusted certified company, we integrate the Virtual 3D Tour into the Google Company Profile for our customers, so that it is visible on Google Street View and Google Maps. The integration by us also completes your Google company entry and increases your visibility on the Internet.


We got access for Google Earth data. Now we’re able animate the world or your city in 3D.

Our 3D Model serves a unique way to get an overview, like a virtual dollhouse.
Unique photorealistic way to discover Objects, Properties, mall and any place else.
Take measurements for scheduling your event-space

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…Dont let technology pass by. It changes faster than you can even think of or imagine.

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