MFFC – Marco´s Free Fight Club Virtual Tour

Marco Knöbel, Germany's number 3 heavyweight in the MMA, is enthusiastic about our tour. See for yourself.


MFFC – Marco´s Free Fight Club Virtual Tour


3D Tour MFFC . A fighting school becomes virtually accessible.
MFFC – Marco’s Free Fight Club – by Marco Knöbel. Marco Knöbel is the current number 3 in the ranking of German MMA fighters. With our virtual 3D tour his fighting school becomes virtually walkable and thus provides a lasting impression. Technologically MFFC is now far ahead.

Marco Knöbel:…One of my best Marketing- investments!

Marco, like his customers, agrees that there is nearly no better way to get a first impression online. MFFC’s Virtual 3D Tour includes 54 scan points from which the studio can be viewed in 360 degrees. But see for yourself and dare to enter the ring in virtual reality:


The advantages of the 3D tour at a glance.

  • Permanent integration with Google
  • Completing your Google Company Profile
  • Modern presentation of your company
  • Creating transparency
  • Qualified inquiries receive through increased interest


In times of glitz & glamour, Instagram, influencers etc. it is often decisive, even in sports studios, whether one likes the ambience. The MMA martial arts studio of Marco Knöbel is one of those studios which would not have to hide.

MFFC - Marcos Free Fight Club im 3D Rundgang Gym
MFFC - Marcos Free Fight Club im 3D Rundgang Ring
MFFC - Marcos Free Fight Club im 3D Rundgang Kursbereich
MFFC - Marcos Free Fight Club im 3D Rundgang 3D Modell

MFFC Marcos Free Fight Club on Google Street View



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