ORY BAR Munich Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour Ory Bar Munich - Nightlife Award Winner 2019
Virtual Tour Ory Bar Munich - Nightlife Award Winner 2019

Virtual Tour Ory Bar Munich

Ory Bar is the perfect mix of house recipies for Cocktails and a very unique atmosphere. The Virtual Tour we created opens virtually the door for potential guests. Interested persons receive the possibility to discover places from home.

The Virtual Tour of Ory Bar Munich. The Ory Bar in Munich is located straight at the famous Hofbräuhaus, inside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Elected to Munichs Bar of the year 2019, Ory Bar is the number one for suggestions in Munich. We’re happy to represent this beautiful example for Virtual Tours.
…Ory Bar – Virtual Tour of Munichs Nightlife Award Winner 2019

Our 3D Model serves a unique way to get an overview, like a virtual dollhouse.
Unique photorealistic way to discover Objects, Properties, mall and any place else.
Take measurements inside our virtual tours. Discover how easy it is.

ORY – PART OF Herzog Bar München

The Ory Bar is part of the, multi restaurateurs around Max Gradl und Alexander Recknagel. Herzog München is virtually accessible as well. For Max and Alex our virtual tours are very helpful to market their places for events.


Virtual 3D Tours are taking more and more part of choosing a location for Events, marriages and more. Specially in cities like Munich, with more than 10,000 gastronomies and high request for events and company celebrations, marriages and many more. The Virtual Tours we create, gives a photo-realistic first glance, as you would be right there. Combined with VR-Glasses, you get the feeling of standing inside the location.

Ory Bar Munich virtual tour at Google Street View

As a Google Street View Trusted certified company, we integrate the Virtual 3D Tour into the Google Company Profile for our customers, so that it is visible on Google Street View and Google Maps. The integration by us also completes your Google company entry and increases your visibility on the Internet.

#Google Earth 3d Animations

We got access for Google Earth data. Now we’re able animate the world or your city in 3D.


#SATISFIED Customers

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