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An increasingly important factor: Google Maps Marketing


Google Maps – once a simple way to navigate. Today the app has much more to offer. Above all, it has much more potential for companies, restaurateurs and tradespeople in general.

  • One of the most used apps on Android & iOS
  • Ideal ways to be found
  • Immediate destination guidance within the app

Google Maps – a HUGE factor to be found

…increase visibility, make an impression.

The market share of Android-powered smartphones is over 75%. Android is a smartphone software from Google and therefore Google Maps is already pre-installed on 75% of all smartphones.
Now the digital change shows that more and more people search for restaurants, cafes, businesses, boutiques and much more using Google Maps. The advantages of Google Maps are obvious.

Google Maps accesses Google business listings

All companies that have a Google business listing are also displayed on Google Maps. In the app that most people use to navigate these days. Users find objects quickly and can start the navigation with one click.

To be found
share Informations
Initiate navigation


It’s not that simple. Anyone who has ever used Google to search for a nearby restaurant will know that distance is not always the deciding factor.
Completeness is the key to success
Google loves data – that much is clear. Accordingly, Google advocates companies that use data and entries as accurately as possible. Restaurants can store menus. Companies can add products, advertise special offers, create events and much more. But if you look at your company entry, you will find the following hint:


This is where we come in – 360INT. As a Google Street View certified company we have the possibility to finally complete your entry. The principle of Google Street View is well known to most people. The technology behind Google Street View is the basis behind our virtual 3D tours. The certification “Google Street View Trusted” ensures that we can integrate a virtual 3D tour through your business premises at Google and thus complete your company entry.

15 YEARS Google Maps

Find out more about the new features of Google Maps, which were introduced on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the popular app.

15 years Google Maps

Google Maps 3D TOUR

Our 3D tours are based on Google Street View certified technology and are compatible with Android smartphones and Apple smartphones.

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