Mercedes-Benz Phuket Virtual Tour

Mercedes-Benz Phuket Virtual Tour | 360INT Thailand


The Virtual Tour for Mercedes-AMG & Mercedes Benz, in Phuket, Thailand, underlines the possibilities and impact of our Virtual Tours. Also for the managers and marketing responsible, the 360degree virtual tours with our added value, including in-display-contents, works as an emotionalizing tool for their marketing activities.


The legendary manufacturer, is surely one of the most recognized car manufacturers, which combines luxury, sport and elegance like no other manufacturer – specially with AMG tuned cars – now to experience in the virtual tour.

We serve 6 Versions of our virtual tours for Benz Phuket, so that every staff member, as well es every car will be showcased and virtually introduced. A whole new Marketing concept for Mercedes-Benz.

A showroom for car enthusiasts and people with petrol in their blood. The virtual tour offers the possibility to deal with the different models uninhibited and in peace and quiet. The special in-display-contents serve lots of valuable informations to increase the virtual visitors interest. We are pleased to present you this unique showroom.

Start the Virtual Tour of Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 at Mercedes-Benz Phuket


Phukets´ Mercedes Benz virtual showroom includes 24 high-class-cars. Discover the 5 versions of Benz Phuket, which is now virtually accessible at 5* 215 panoramic points (360-degree photos). Some panorama points offer different perspectives. With VR glasses, you get the feeling as if you were on site. Our unique technology provides a photorealistic, virtual experience.


In times of virtual and augmented reality, the customer journey begins with our virtual 3D tour.

#What can you expect of a 360INT Virtual tour?

360INT is a company that provides virtual tour experiences for the car industry and showrooms.

A 360INT virtual tour is a powerful pre-experience tool that can be used to increase leads and sales in the car industry. Our virtual tours are realistic, engaging, and provide an immersive experience that allows customers to explore products and services before making a purchase decision.

Our goal is to help you increase your leads and sales by providing an immersive virtual tour experience that allows customers to explore your products and services before making a purchase decision. We want to help you make the most of the digital age by providing innovative solutions that create real connections with your customers.

Contact us today to learn more about how 360INT can help you increase leads and sales in the car industry.

Start the Virtual Tour of Mercedes´Compact class at Mercedes-Benz Phuket


Start the Virtual Tour of Mercedes´ C- class at Mercedes-Benz Phuket


Start the Virtual Tour of Mercedes´ E-class II at Mercedes-Benz Phuket


Start the Virtual Tour of Mercedes´ SUV class at Mercedes-Benz Phuket

Lets create a virtual tour for you:

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