WACA Restaurant Munich Virtual Tour Matterport

WACA Restaurant, Am Ausbesserungswerk, Munich, Germany
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WACA Restaurant, Am Ausbesserungswerk, Munich, Germany


  • Hospitality, Restaurants
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Welcome to Waca Munich, an esteemed fine dining establishment located within the renowned Motorworld Munich complex. Immerse yourself in the world of exceptional culinary experiences as we showcase the benefits of our virtual tour hospitality concept, brought to you by 360INT.

Experience the epitome of fine dining in Munich with Waca Munich’s virtual tour. Our immersive Matterport virtual tour transports you into the elegant ambiance of the restaurant, allowing you to explore its exquisite decor, refined atmosphere, and delectable cuisine. Indulge your senses and envision the remarkable dining experience that awaits you at Waca Munich.

Our virtual tour restaurant concept goes beyond showcasing Waca Munich as an individual entity. It serves as a dynamic marketing tool, connecting Waca Munich with the entire Motorworld Munich community, from regular visitors to the event and sales team of the Motorworld itself, who showcases the facilities and Highlights of the Motorworld. This integration creates a comprehensive virtual tour experience, highlighting the synergies between luxury car showrooms, boutiques, and entertainment venues within Motorworld Munich’s vast space.

By being a part of this virtual tour hospitality concept, Waca Munich gains visibility and exposure to a broader audience. As visitors explore the Motorworld Munich virtual tour, they are captivated by the allure of Waca Munich’s fine dining offerings. This collaborative approach enhances the overall appeal and desirability of the complex, attracting patrons seeking a complete luxury experience.

Experience the power of our Matterport virtual tour as it elevates Waca Munich’s online presence. Our virtual tour hospitality concept showcases the restaurant’s unique culinary offerings, enticing visitors with an immersive and interactive dining experience. Through strategic optimization and targeted keywords like WACA Munich, fine dining Munich, virtual tour hospitality, and virtual tour restaurant, we ensure maximum visibility for Waca Munich in search engine results.

Embark on a gastronomic journey like no other with Waca Munich’s virtual tour. Discover the refined elegance, impeccable service, and extraordinary flavors that define this premier fine dining destination. At 360INT, we revolutionize the digital marketing landscape for restaurants and hospitality establishments, driving success through innovative virtual tour experiences and unparalleled online visibility.

At 360INT, we take pride in offering unique services for Matterport virtual tours, providing innovative marketing concepts that elevate the digital experience for our clients. This holds true for prestigious destinations like WACA Restaurant within Motorworld Munich. Our holistic approach ensures that every tenant receives individual attention and visibility, maximizing their online presence.

Through our comprehensive marketing concept, each tenant participating in the virtual tour, including WACA Restaurant, is assigned an individual link, starting point, and cover picture. This personalized touch allows visitors to seamlessly navigate through the vast 90,000 square meters of Motorworld Munich while maintaining a cohesive and immersive experience.

Our goal is to showcase the unique offerings of each tenant within the luxury and lifestyle center, such as WACA Restaurant. By providing a platform for WACA Restaurant to shine, we attract a wider audience and drive engagement, ensuring that their brand and exceptional culinary experience receive the attention they deserve.

With our expertise in Matterport virtual tours and marketing solutions, we revolutionize the way visitors engage with prestigious destinations like Motorworld Munich. The result is an unforgettable digital experience that captures the essence of the complex, seamlessly connecting all tenants within the virtual tour.

Unlock the potential of 360INT’s unique services and let us take your virtual tour to new heights. Experience the power of our holistic marketing concept and witness how we transform the digital landscape for luxury and lifestyle centers like Motorworld Munich, ensuring that remarkable establishments like WACA Restaurant stand out and leave a lasting impression.


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  • Property Type: Hospitality, Restaurants

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  • Address Am Ausbesserungswerk 8
  • City Munich
  • State/county Bavaria
  • Zip/Postal Code 80939
  • Country Germany

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